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Available Screenplays

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Featured Project
Tea Leaves
Pilot Title: A Bungled Brew
Series Concept

A teenage wannabe influencer discovers that her tea leaf readings can alter peoples futures, but she has no clue that she's a witch and next in line to be a destiny keeper.

Pilot & Bible Available By Request
If any of my projects piques your interest please contact me for the script in question.  I will be happy to send it your way.
Also feel free to check out my work as Iggy Snit by clicking the book. Please note - There is a corresponding screenplay available for Adamas of Hickorytick Forest - The Dragon's Dream & The Wizard's Wish.
 Resurrecting Justice
Pilot available by request
Genre: Fantasy Drama


As the bible story goes, Christ miraculously resurrected his friend Lazarus after he had been dead for days.


Now forget the “ewww” factor.


After Bethany, a descendant of Lazarus, touches the portrait of her recently deceased BFF Rachel, she summons her ghost & realizes she can communicate with murder victims.


Armed with forensic skills and ghostly insights, they traverse the country, unraveling family murders and exposing political corruption

along the way.

Pitch Deck - Available by Request

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Turducken Fruitcake & a Fugitive
Genre: Family Comedy
 A widowed judge hires a nanny and discovers not only is she a he and an escaped convict - but the nanny’s her daddy!


A Relocated Fairy Tale
Genre: Fantasy Comedy
To find his missing dad, a pickpocket Teen must help a fairytale princess break a spell on her two brothers cast by an evil warlock. They are swans by day, men at night
 - In New York Central Park!
co-written by Christopher Gibbons
Quarter-finalist Page Awards



PLM 27
Lethal Knowledge
Genre: Action Comedy
A tenacious teen kidnaps the philandering father she never knew she had to save her spy-mom from a rogue KGB killer and Nazi war criminals - All on the friendly island of Newfoundland!
Mama Fia
Knit One, Kill Two
Genre: Crime Comedy
An Italian mobster's mama discovers a heist is a cover for a hit on her son, so she whacks the hit-man and steals the diamonds. Time to go on the lam
- at her secret Scottish relatives!
Both a feature script and TV pilot with bible available.



Mama Fia Series Bible Cover.png
A coming of sage  story
Genre: Family Comedy
A culinary-inept teen wins a recipe contest thanks to her dead aunties paranormal antics and must become a master chef to stop a malicious mayor from bulldozing the family castle.
Semifinalist in Creative Screenwriting Feature Screenplay Competition


Absolute Rubbish
Genre: Family Comedy
 A grubby alien teams up with a germophobic little girl to prevent a garbage archaeologist from blowing up a landfill, and with it - a big chunk of Texas!
Quarter-finalist Final Draft Big Break Contest &
Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition



Nina - High School Student
Reaper of Souls
Genre: Fantasy Comedy
When all of heaven’s angels disappear, a teenage girl is recruited to apprehend the suspected demon and locate the angels. Luckily, she’s got a supernatural trick up her sleeve, she’s the grim reaper!
Currently in Development at
MY Productions



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